Sunday, 25 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! (^.^)

Happy Chinese New Year!!

On d 6th day of chinese new year.. hui mei had organized a pot luck/sleep over party.. she had invited 15 person n finally only 10 or 11 shown up.. dis is due to d previous
party which was organized by jia yi n dats y there's fellas dat cant shown up.. i had brought a big, juicy watermelon n honeydew for d party.. each person ar required to bring different foods..

Anyway, i reached hui mei's hse at 11 somethin so dat i can become her part time mate dat day.. ( actually i'm suppose to help them but i still think most of d stuff is done by her mum)haha.. we started by preparing spaghetti.. yummy...

Ard 5 somethin, ppls slowly to arrive.. 1st is michelle ho den emmanuel.. emma had brought us fried chicken n when ben came, he brought a smash potatoes too..(home made by ben) its very nice n delicious..

When the nite came, d party starts.. tze herng, how ming, shaun, ivank, sherry had came too.. after finished our meal, d 'PUAK KIAU' gang starts.. playin black jack become d main choices for everyone.. we guys were playin like siao.. winnin n loosin money... $$$$$ Play Station 2 was also sponsored by how ming.. those who din puak kiau were playin it..

d 'puak kuai' gang ended at ard 11 somethin since a few person had went back.. d leftovers were me, shaun, how ming, tze herng, ben n hui mei... d nite starts wif movie n ended up wif it too..we watched 2 movies dat nite.. one is The Prestidge n Night At D Musuem.. durin d second show, everybody starts to fell alseep.. d only one dat was still awake is how ming.. it was aldi 5 somethin in d mornin.. d room dat had actually prepare for us finally were empty as everybody jus slept in d living room.. its so cool... haha...

d next mornin when we woke up its aldi 10 somthin.. shaun - d sleepin pig woke up d last ( as usual).. we havin breakfast at hui mei's hse till 11 somethin n its time for us to go back..


D Holidays End!!!

1 + 15 = sweet 16 = Hui Mei

Dis birthday party happens actually few weeks ago...
Venue: Victoria Station a.k.a VS
Date: 30th Jan 2007

Time: 6.30 pm
Person Attended: Hui Mei (d main person), me, tzia, shaun, ivan, joel, c.j, tze herng, swarna, emmanuel

Happy Birthday!!

due to transport prob as usual.. i had take a lift from shaun.. we reach ard 6.15..
most of d ppl were there went we arrived.. hui mei had brought a wine which she took it from her dad's collection..
durin dat day, hui mei treat us for d appetizers n wine.. OWH!! its so sweet .. lol.. we had
ordered some cavier n some sort of snails thingy!! (ooh.. its so disgustin)

She's jus so shy.. =p

half way through d meal.. there's 3 fella were so ss dat they went to d washroom to cam
haih................................ SWT"

Here comes d silly joel.. haha.. jk!!

here comes d time where d cake was served.. its a choclate cappucino cake i think wif some moouse in it.. its quite nice.. we also took some pics together in d middle of d meal.. ^^

here's d cake....

ivan!! can u pls excuse ur finger??

at last, here comes d end of d dinner..
we took pictures for dis unforgettable dinner outside of VS..

dis ar d pic...........

Say CHEESE!!~~~~~

Wednesday, 7 February 2007


Happy New Year 2007!!
although its abit late to post it but...

*Happy New Year Frenzzie*

Everybody is havin FUN!!!

Me & Carmen..
*best frenz 4ever*
Miss u!!


Exams again...
Grindin my brains...
Save me from them...
Coz i gonna dead...