Wednesday, 26 September 2007

the last day.

sorry ppl.
i've decided not to blog anymore from now on.
when the suitable day comes,
i will open it back.
take care ppl.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

sick of myself

'i dunno your heart.
i dunno your mind.
i dunno your thoughts.'

i cant cheer you up when you down.
i cant comfort you when you want.

i can only listen and keep quiet.
i can only stand a side when you are helpless.

i only know how to cry when you are sad.
i only know how to beg for your forgiveness when i'm wrong.

i know myself well.
i know what i can and i what i cant.

maybe thats the answer for all.
i'm not able to do anything.

[ My secret love - Piano & Sea ]

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

i'm not loosing you.

our cuppy!!

finally, its together.
never gonna separate forever.
like this.

Saturday, 15 September 2007


seems like my day is getting worst day by day.
seriously, it's sux. no other words can be use to describe.
mann, just kill me.
i had made my good fren mad at me.
yes, i'm dead this time.
sorry ya girl!!
i know you wont forgive me that fast but still,
i wanna apologize.

Sorry, girl!

sincerely from me.

this is not working.
tornado goes in my mind again.
i broke my own promise.
i'm such a loser.
i'm not good in anything.
sports, studies, interest.
how am i gonna be success in life later on if this kind of attitudes running on me?

it's a disease i think.
i got influence by my bro.
not to mentioning he is very lazy or even worst then me,
yet he still is good in some other stuff!!
not like me.
a loser sitting over here posting and grumbling about her own problem,
and still don't know what to do to make it back to the way.
what a life!!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

MPT 5 2007


Big topic to everyone now.

everybody is busy asking for photos taken on that day.

even me!!

MPT5. it turns out not really good. the performances are kinda boring. i'm neither happy or sad though. maybe it is because i didn't put much hope on it.

anyway, it was a really busy day. i had sacrificed two of my tuition just for that night. add maths and bm.

i went to school in the morning for nothing and it is totally a waste of time. the moral ceramah is a 100% crap.

went to ke hui's house straight after the school. tzia reached not long after that and we started to prepare our night. we booked 3 places in Kim Marie to have our hairdo.

ok.. i think i will just let the pictures to do the words now.

wei and hui :: we snapped a pic during moral ceramah coz its too bored.

hui and wei :: in the hotel washroom

wei and jason

wei and tzia =p


yes, me again!! hehe..

wei and hui mei :: i love you girl <3

tze huei and wei :: a.k.a mr. bean, botak, Mr. 10%

Jazzing and wei :: he is cool, isn't it? teehee..

yi lynn and wei :: observe carefully, spot the difference.

wei, michelle ho, shieng, hui mei <3

wei and shieng :: cute girl she is.

wei and yi xin :: my primary skol ex-classmate. she is hot ya?

kah en and wei

yew tian and wei :: the person who loves to criticized me the most.

wei and kent lon :: our most handsome driver of the nite

garrick, joel, ivan, emmanuel, shaun, cj, kent lon :: a bunch of fools =p

hui mei, mr ivan, wei :: my neighnours for 12 years. (ivan)

wei and janice :: classmate and family's fren

jia yi and wei :: my ex atl.

conclusion : i enjoyed my night. gonna miss all the memories we had been through together. <3

time will not stop flowing.
cherish each moment that is left.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

the day is blue again

i believe you.
i chose the right thing.
hence, everything is alright now.
i'm glad.

everything is settled.
i heard what i wanna hear.
i said what i wanna say.
now, the only thing i want is to hug you tight.
hopefully tomorrow is the 'Another Day'.
lets work it out for tomorrow.
but for now, concentrate on your studies.
so do i.


lets work hard together!!

things go well.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


i cant stand anymore..
seriously, this is killing me..
its hurting me, do you know?

day by day,
3 days past..
yet things are still the same..
i thought of sorting it out by today but..
seems like the time is not right..

every night i tried to keep myself from not thinking it..
i had filled my eyes with tears..
not once but few times..
i wiped it of, but the tears continue to flow..
so what?
things are still the same..

you might think i'm a cry baby or whatsoever..
so what?
i'm still me..
i know myself.
i will only let the tears out when it is the right time.

its hard to protect this relationship..
i knew it from the start..
yet, i wont give it up easily..
it's not easy for us..
for you and for me..

i just hope that i can bare with this once more..
just once more..
i'm on my max..

Be strong.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Stop crying your heart out

no, that is not what i want. it did not work accordingly to what i had first planned. this is really out of my control. guess i had been putting too much hope in it.

girl, it's time to slow down. take a deep breath and continue facing the problems. things wont go like what you want. you should know it from the start.

yes, i know. but still..

today is not a fine day to me. or maybe i should say this few days are not my day. things turns upside down. tons of stuff puzzling in my mind. i'm having headache and yet i can't rest. things have to go on.

conclusion : i'm disappointed.

this time. not to blame you or me. maybe it's just not our day.

guess we just need to wait for another day.


Hold up... hold on... don't be scared
You'll never change what's been and gone
May your smile... Shine on... Don't be scared
Your destiny may keep you warm.

Cos all of the stars are fading away
Just try not to worry you'll see them some day
Take what you need and be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

Get up... Come on... why you scared
You'll never change what been and gone

[stop crying your heart out - Oasis]

music scores and song lyrics for Secret [ 不能说的秘密 ]

peoples! i think you should had watch Jay Chou's movie 'Secret' right?, here are some 'products' for the show..

honestly, i adore this show alot. it makes me feel....... sad. =(

but yet, it is still a nice movie.


yes! jay ROX the movie! a nice production. good storyline. =p

this is the music score for 'bu neng shuo de mi mi - Jay Chou'


the following is the song 'Secret' which Xiau Yu play in the show to change the time.

well, this is the easier version as i haven't found the original pieces. Please spare sometime with it.





是曾与你躲过雨的屋檐 oh


this is the end of it. =)

Saturday, 1 September 2007

an < with a 3 = the bond of love [ happy 3rd month anniversary!! ]

3.. what can i say about 3? what can i relate with 3?

when 3 added with 1 in front, it becomes 13. it's not a good number i'm sure u guys should know it.

when 3 added with 1 at the back, it becomes 31. 31 Baskin Robins. what's your flavour? Tell me what's your flavour?

when 3 is turn 90 degree anticlockwise, it becomes m. m for m&m. yum yum.

when 3 is turn 90 degree clockwise, it becomes w. w for wise. we shall be a wise person.

when 3 is used in text messages, it represents tree. 3 = tree. short forms.

when 3 added with an < in front, it becomes a heart shape. < + 3 = <3

ah huh.. here comes my point.

< + 3 = <3

i love this symbol because it represents LOVE.

yes, it's our 3rd months anniversary and i wanna give you my <3 again.

i know i had given you before yet i still wanna give it again.

i 'heart' you so much!!

Happy 3rd Month Anniversary.

i will remember our words.