Friday, 30 May 2008

first attempt

everybody has their first attempt on everything. another attempt happened on me today.

i have had only 1 hour of class today. it started at 9 and ends at 10. assuming that nothing unusual will happen today, assuming that i might reached home by 11 to continue my beauty sleep, something happened. why ar? everytime also like this one har? aiyo, damn sui la.

after settled something in PA block, we went over to digital mall to buy the ink refill for my printer. happily, the car just turned off the engine itself when we were 'zooming' down the slope without any brakes on. WE ALMOST DIED. *phew* something not right with the car.

restart the engine and continue our journey. NO, we didn't reached home by 11. YES, our car broke down right after 5 minutes of journey. the radiator was trying to give us problems. our meter shows the temperature shot up to 100 degree celcius. zzz.

we CALLED the tow truck. while waiting for the fellow to come, a down pour came. T_T

first attempt. =)

high view.

cool~~~~~~ ugly.

reached home around 1. =)

done reporting. anyway, bye peeps.

i shall be back by monday. stories coming up soon.


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Thursday, 29 May 2008

being a stranger in awkward position


nothing much happen in college. after tzia, howe thoon and i ended our classes at 2, we went over to sunway hospital to visit their friend's girlfriend, marilyn. i just tagged along because that's the only way i'm will be able to return to subang. T_T

anyway, we spent like around 2 - 3 hours in the hospital. mostly in starbucks.

right beside of starbucks, we saw this. marilyn bugged his boyfriend to turn a smiley for her. and so, he went over to the reception counter to change for coins.

while then, howe thoon tried his luck.

end product. HAHA.

the next ball, jun yih's turn. HE GOT A YELLOW SMILEY! as his girlfriend's wish. and, he shouted HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEAR quickly right at the moment. isn't it sweet?? awwww~~~

if only..... if only..... (continue dreaming)

howe thoon and tzia were actually trying to throw the ball around in the hospital. T_T
how childish can they be? lol. (it's a joke)

reach home at 6. getting really tired and took a nap.

at night, mummy successfully caught THIS LIL BIG CREATURE for me! HOORAAAY to mummy. *cheers*

it was then flushed into the toilet bowl, down the pipe it goes into indah water park, enjoying its once and only time adventure. i should have collect rental from it eh for staying in my room for that few mins?


nothing much, again. normal lectures. bought new text book. freaking expensive and thick, and I BOUGHT WRONGLY.


bye bye, nights.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

something we didn't expect to

second day of college, lecturer didn't turn out his head, eyes, noes, ears, mouth and ass. we people from TA5 to TA8 waited for him like such an asshole for 1 hour before the relief lecturer FLIED from PA block to inform us. she did some introduction to our subject tho, Maths for Business.

*lightning strikes*


*after the heavy downpour*

oh my. just keep my mouth shut tight. *zip*

we were all released for half and hour earlier than the actual time. yee wei and i went to sp corner (again) to have our so-called-lunch, as i just grab some drinks to quench my thirst while he took his lunch.

after that, we spent our break time in his church which was located a few blocks away from our college, GLAD TIDINGS ASSEMBLY OF GOD, to help out a lil for the Hillsongs United Concert ticketing. we were busy cutting and laminating the tags as it is held at their church tomorrow.

the people there were pretty funny and nice. they welcomed me with a wide smile. =) jokingly, the host committee told them that he wanna give me a free ticket which worth RM 50! but at last, he didn't. haha.

p/s : the Hillsongs United band is coming to his church and perform by tomorrow night. i heard that all the tickets were successfully sold out!

next class started at 2. it was accounting. the lecturer seems pretty young, or should i say LOOKS VERY YOUNG? she is just like another student of UTAR. haha. anyway, her teaching was kinda boring. at least, it doesn't suites me and a few other young fellows too, as i noticed them trying to sleep in the class. yee wei and i were trying our best to keep ourself awake till the class end by keep changing our sitting position, drawing and moving a lot. anyway, we ended our class half an hour earlier too. it's pretty good huh? it's just the second day weii..

yee wei drove tzia and i back to subang. on the way, tzia kept complaining that she didn't wanna go home yet. ended up, we filled our stomach, fulfilled tzia's wish in asia cafe.

thats all for today i guess. nothing much after that.

oh yeah, my brother was successfully entered into UTAR too!! can't wait for ivan to be the next. =)

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Monday, 26 May 2008

brainy is back in action

brainy back in action!!!

first day of college, have a bad start for the day but pretty good i can say when i met up with friends. my first lesson was english lectures. was in the same class with yee wei (pretty lucky huh?), but besides that i didn't really talk much to my other classmate because they are sooooooo freaking quiet?! arghhh.. i can't stand the peaceful environment. results turn out that i think i'm the noisiest person along the walkway and sp corner? (i'm very quiet in the class okaaay. a good girl i am.) i talked too much i think, and too loud (as usual). teehee.

class started at 8 today and ends at 10. it's short, isn't it? are you jealous of me??? =) go on......

i'm not having my tutorial classes for this whole week but only lectures. that explains the whole situation. by 10, i'm released to go home but i didn't because i gotta wait for tzia to finish her class which is at 4?! due to different classes we are in, we have different time tables.

so, i followed zhen hui and his bunch of friends to the canteen after those introduction acts were done. yes, i've finally seen them in real life (wth, sounds like they had passed away. CHOI!!!). it's kinda awkward as i don't know them all except for STICKMAN. i walked back to sp corner to meet up with howe thoon and yee wei. yee wei couldn't bare to stay back anymore so he went back home not long after that. leaving howe thoon and i sitting like some idiotic person to wait for the clock struck at 12 as his class is starting at 12. along the time, we went around exploring the PD block and searched for the co-curriculum's booth.

some time around 12, we went back to PE block to wait for tzia to come out as she is gonna be the second person to accompany me for another 2 hours. i bumped into hazel while waiting for her. we ended up chatting happily outside the classroom and went for our lunch with tzia and gary in mcd which is situated right opposite of Jaya 33. we took nearly 15 to 20 mins to reach there with the hot sun accompany us, showering us with sweats.

after our lunch around 2, hazel went back while the rest of us walked back to PE, again as tzia's class is starting soon. waiting for howe thoon to come out and take over tzia's shift, i met up with a few people from tzia's class. they were just simply nice and sweet.

story is around the same, we tried out the ICT lab but they told us that our ID is not ready yet. so, both of us went to sp corner again and just sit down doing our chatting for 2 hours without realizing the time moving fast.

alright. so i've done my maths.

after 10.
2 hours - howe thoon
2 hours - tzia
2 hours - howe thoon
ends at 4.

2 + 2 + 2 = 6

my maths is just perfectly good. not rusty yet.

i've spent half a day wondering around, loitering around, checking out most of the places. ending post with a wide smile =) GOOD LUCK TO NEWBIES/FRESHMANS LIKE ME!!!!

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Sunday, 25 May 2008

a new beginning with an unprepared me

stopping by to greet you guys and ciaoz in another moment.

i'm starting college UNIVERSITY tomorrow.

wish me luck. i know you will. =) thanks.

in the same time, i'm announcing the day of my death at 31st of may.

"rest in peace, chian wei. may god bless you." i would prefer to hear this than "oh yes, i don't like her at all in the first place. it's good that she is dead right now. *lovely smile* "

the heck is that, I'M NOT DONE WITH MY WORK AGAIN. and this time i know i won't be able finish it in time. sigh.

a second thought. maybe i'm not dying in any soon but TOMORROW. i've just realise i don't have a A4 pad with me for tomorrow's usage. lanyard and temporary i.d. is not done yet and it's 11.21 pm now. my right position should be in the bed. zzz. bless me.

to my mind, you are just thinking too much. you are just caring too much. you carried burdens which you shouldn't have. great hopes brings you great dismay. you should know the rule. it's none of your business since from the start. right?

to the someone, you disappointed me again. it's a great great GREAT dismay you gave to me. or maybe it's myself who is thinking too much again. after all, everything is my fault right? (by right, i shouldn't think so) so yes, let me bare all the burden like usual. it's nothing great anymore and i don't think i'm giving a damn.

till now, i'm ending this post with a emo sign. woot! wtf. i'm not emo, am i?

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Friday, 23 May 2008

movie marathon.

basically, i have had another movie marathon session again today. yes, for the last time before my classes are officially starting on monday.

alarm rang at around 9 but i took nearly an hour to roll on the bed, getting myself stretched, continue hugging my bolster tightly and crawled inside the blanket before i was able to get out of my bed. (kinda busy huh?)

by 10.30, i was in ivan's house waiting for him and his sister to get ready. ESPN (i think) was airing some basketball tournament at that time and i literally had to wait for him to finish the tournament. while i was waiting for them, i entertained myself with playing the Pokemon Blue Version on ivan's handphone. *eyes blinking* i actually played that! can't believe it. anyway, i was sucks in it (as though i'm not). not long after 'i' started my journey, 'i' had gotten 'myself' lost in the world. this actually once again proved to me that how stupid and idiotic i am in playing games like these. for your info, i only play games like Super Mario. in any edition. challenge me. i'm a pro. (after climbing up from the grave for a few times.)

back to the day, we watched Iron Man! finally. =)

tony starks, you are so cool. you are indeed my hero. i'm so sorry that i have not been polite when i was talking about you previously. i love you.........................r armor suite. IT'S SO DAMN FREAKING COOL.

i'm such a lucky girl as i get to watch it without need to dig out any ringgits from my purse. FREE. yes, i'm having privilege and thanks to GSC cinema for giving me the cinema card. oh yea, i didn't tell you guys about it right? they actually emailed and informed me about how loyal i am as one of their customer and now they are rewarding me by sending me a privilege card on the other day. bwahaha.. i'm so lucky, ain't i?

(in my dreams.)

practically, i have to buy one of the Canon printer before they will hand the card to me.

after the show, we went over to KFC to have our lunch. wee~~ long time no see mr. original chicken! a delightful meal we had.

next movie started at 3.45. this time, ivan didn't watch with us as he is meeting up with Garrick. so he left crystal and i at the entrance of the cinema. to repay myself for the innocent trip i had last sunday, i watched The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian today, SUCCESSFULLY. without any technical problems or any shitties sound effects. it is just perfect. nice movie overall.

Zhen Hui, i watched it. bwahahaha.. i can start boasting to you again. =p

in total of all, i watched 4 and a half hours of movie today. pretty impressive. give myself a clap. *applause*

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Thursday, 22 May 2008

orientation day

first day of orientation. like those typical orientation you will have, but worst then what you can imagine. tzia and i both meet up with howe thoon and his friend yee wei before we went to regiester ourself. it's kinda funny as we reach by 7 and we only get to registered ourself by 7.45 because we don't know which way to go. at last, we had have a long queue before it reached our turn.

blah~~ blah~~ blah~~

the whole morning went on like blah~~ blah~~ blah~~ and the echo of it still repeating beside my ear after it ends.

behind sp corner.

tzia : haha. i'm taller than you.
me : no. i'm taller.
tzia : you go die. I'M TALLER.
me : EAT SHIT. I'M TALL~~~~
(above conversation did really happen)

after lunch, we went back for the mass call. changing into the UTAR's t-shirt.
their 'moto'. MY CHOICE. no, it's not my choice. it's my parent's choice.


read my expression.

we went to old taste for yum cha-ing session that night with ivan c, ivan k, garrick and joel. tho we both were very tired, we went for ivan c's birthday celebration. it is just a small one. =)

happy 18th birthday!!
bald boy.

after the celebration, ivan kang and i suggested to go to the creepy car park. he brought me there 1 year back, night also. it's a lil creepy when we climbed up the stair as there were no lights at the last floor. we walked up to the roof top.

a view from the carpark.

joel trying to jump off the building.

ah yes, spot my hand.

garrick's attempt to be a superman.

alaaelaaham.. i looks like a ghost here. candid shots.

another one. a male ghost.

ivan k and me

ivan k and joel

some crazy candid shots we took.
as shown below.

p/s : kindly ignore the blurish part as we didn't change our camera to the correct mode and it have been resized.

we went to mcd right after that to chill ourselves down. by 10, every usj 2 residents, including me walked back home. we chose the longest road which is walked by the main road along summit.

by 10.45, i reached home. wee~~ home sweet home.

oh my, how i miss those time when we were all together. the secondary gang is always the best! =)

second day of orientation, we had have ice breaking times. tzia and i reached there at around 7.30. we registered our name and they started to put us in different groups. i was in group 4.

we were needed to make our own group banner. tadaaa~~~~

this is the UNITED.
(my idea, haha)

we got champion by the way! wahahahaha.. for the drawing only la. lol.
anyway, introducing you, this is wee kiat. one of the member in my team. a nice person to play with as other's of my team member is kinda quiet and not active. =(

the games were awesome and great. it's different from what we have been expecting. they were creative enough to think such a game. i injured myself anyway. careless me.

after the ice breaking session, tzia, howe thoon and went over to PE block to collect our time table. we were all situated in different classes. tzia and i had knew it from the start since we were in different stream.

official announcement.

i'm in TA5.
tzia in TB1.
howe thoon in TA4.

we skipped the integrity talk for our lunch in Jaya 33.
it's a 'long' journey. we walked under the hot sun. nice. we explored the building with another friend of howe thoon name San.

by 3, we were all sitting in coffee bean as tzia wanted to have a drink. the rest of us just accompanied her, seeing her tasting the drink. i'm broke. therefor i didn't order a thing. it rains after that. four of us just sit there, hanging around till our parents came.

end of the post. =)

right after i got back home, i just cant wait to jump onto the bed. i was so freaking exhausted.

*snore* (i don't snore, for your info.)

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

longer post

arghh.. more to blog again. a long post here. starting from yesterday.

friday night, i went to pyramid for a night movie with my colleagues. we watched My Wife is a Gambling Maestro.

this show is sooooooooooooooooooooo hilarious. i was like wtf through out the whole show and laughing non stop till my mouth was a bit ached and tired to close back after that. super funny! WORTH TO WATCH IT ON.............. dvd. i don't advice to watch in cinema because the film is short and it cost for 11 bucks per ticket where i can buy around 2 to 3 of dvds? (not quite sure because i don't buy dvds but download). anyway, it's a great movie to treat and relax yourself after one whole day/weeks/months/years of hard work. laugh out loud while you can. doctor says it is healthy to laugh, just not too over till your jaws drop down. (one of my friend's friend actually experienced it in the cinema) so, beware!

after that, we went to Borneo Rainforest for our dinner. it was 12 anyway, so supper we should name it? Borneo Rainforest is a pub actually and situated right outside of the Sunway Resort Hotel. a nice place to chill out but we sit far away from the pub. the service for dinning is ridiculously baaaaaaad. waiter sucks, food tastes no good and expensive. no way i'm going back again, unless it's the pub, i don't mind.

looks like the wiki stick in dinner dash 1. anyway, this is the back door entrance.

some silly pose they are trying to do? but i don't understand at all.

there is a ghost in this picture. did you see any?

the mess with left over. =p


so yes, i went to digital mall (previously, it's metrojaya) yesterday. it's a bit rush because my brother just dragged me up from the bed suddenly and asked me to accompany him there to purchase another printer for my uncle as he might coming probably at 5 to collect it. putting up t-shirts and skirt, i quickly grab my bag and rushed out. good accelerators and the use of HID lights, we reached there in just 10 mins. =)

we walked around slowly and had a lil time of 'window shopping'. right then, we got a call from my dad asking if we wanna go to Pavillion later on with my aunties and grandparents. jakun like us of course nod our head right? *nod* ignoring the other stuff, we just took our printer and off we go to the cashier. there is this 'ang moh' (guai lou aka foreigner) queuing right behind us. from my angle, i saw that there were lotsa stuff on his hand. something funny happened when we were paying our stuff. *piak* we heard something drop. turn back, we saw this foreigner's bending down picking it up. right after he got himself up, *piak* another thing dropped again. doing the same thing, he picked it up again but this time with a few people looking back. he was kinda embarrass at that moment. while he thought nothing is gonna drop again, *PIAK*. bye bye la that fellow, hahaha. (btw, it dropped 4 times.)

" for God's sake." i can hear him mumbling in his mouth. funny.

he took up again with his face turning as red as the tomato, he just threw all the stuff to the cashier lady. everybody was laughing at him. for your info, i was just smiling ok? not that bad as those other people. there was an uncle even burst out loud. (itu orang ah, tak tau malu punya, laugh at people. hmmmm.) BWAhahahAHHAHAAHAHhhahaha, thinking back about that incident, that's so funny. teehee.

there is a lucky draw for every printers buyer. which means we have a chance too. due to some problem, my brother just ask me to simply pick a ball in the box.

"you sure ar?"

"yes la, you pick."

without noticing what prizes are we gonna received, i just simply picked one ball which is on the surface of all and mumbling at the same time saying, " aiya, wont be lucky want la...."


it's a green ball.

what does it mean? i don't know. somebody passed by and make a sound saying, "wah, not bad. green ball." the person in charged said that too. he asked me if i wanna pick the grill and cooler bag or a portable bbq set. using my ass to think, OF COURSE THE BBQ SET LAAAA right?
it stated there USD 25. i'm smart. i know. i chose the right thing. the green ball is actually the second last ball before gold. which means, i'm getting near to the best prize which is a minnie fridge. I'M SO WANT-ING IT. but nevermind laaa, i still get to barbeque right? teehee.

alright, we were ready then. we meet up our dad on the federal highway and off we went to Pavillion together. i felt kinda out of place where i see people wearing nice clothes and nice shoe walking, shopping while i'm just wearing a soon-to-be-break slipper with a t-shirt and skirt. one thing i guess you can guess about, I'm ACTING LIKE A BIG BIG BIG JAKUN. wahwehing at all those famous branded shops. staring at GUCCI, JAGUAR, CELINE, TOD'S, HERMES and so on. some branded names that i'm totally not familiar at but by looking at the exterior of the shop, it makes me drool. while we walking around, there were pretty much handsomes pass by. HOLD ON, i'd never laid an eyes on them for even once. busy looking at the branded names, my brother asked me if i saw that guy? i replied him with some idiot's reaction asking

" huh? where got wor.. alaa.. who cares la.. looks at those branded store names better. not like i'm going to have an often chance to come here and look at it. leng chais tengok d so what? not like i'm having chance."

agree? agreeeee....

we gave a visit in the EPI STORE aka apple centre. something stupid happened again. two sellsman served us in a different time. it's a long long story so i'm just kinda lazy to tell it. haha. anyway in short, they mistaken our meaning by thought that we were purchasing a new macbook when we were just thinking of buying either a case or bag for it. some how then, they were so generous that they helped us to call up the singapore's branch and asked about the price, plus giving us free 10% discount for things that we are buying. my aunts non stop-ly praising them for having such a good service.

moments later......

they took back all after that when they realised about their mistake. IT'S SO DAMN FUNNY LOR. they laugh at their own stupidity too.

that night, we went to Angus House (5th floor of Pavillion) for dinner. my aunt booked the place without telling us earlier. she told us that she wanted to eat since long time ago when she saw it in Singapore (it's situated above of Takashimaya in Singapore). it's a fine dinning japanese steak house actually. kinda classy and there was a MACHO guy standing outside guarding the door! lol.

we ordered various variety of foods and sets to share around. i got myself a salmon and scallop spaghetti with miso sauce. mhhmmmm... yummy yummy~~~ try it if you are there!

it was around 10 when we finished our dinner. (by the way, clement messaged me that night! telling me how is he in the camp. haha.) back to the story, WE LOST OUR PARKING TICKET! zzz. we were so panicked. searching, asking around the floor and people. went to every place that we left our footprints on, but in the end, we got nothing too. paying up the fine with RM 50. *phew*

we have our break at some shop name milky 'something'. can't remember.
interior design for it is best.
created a theme related to fantasies.

strawberry milkshake.


some picture's i have miss out for the mother's day post.

somebody please buy me this. not expensive. just a few hundred bucks. =)

isn't it beautiful?!