Monday, 25 August 2008

beds :: cards :: you

daddy said he is gonna change my bed. it's a confirmation. *wink* after 18....... no, 19 years (extra 1 year. hmmm...... it's older than me!) accompanying me, it's finally going to an end. ahh~~!!

from penang to subang. how many kms you followed me.

i'm gonna miss you for sure. i'm gonna miss all those hard spring, all those comforts, all those nights where you had been by my side when i'm real down, all those tears that you had been absorbing from me, all my joys, the lovely smell of you (my scent), all those back aches that you gave to me at times, all those times when i fall sick, etc etc. you've been there for me.

ah, how much i'm gonna miss you. i don't know. but anyway, i will still give you a chance to contribute yourself to the others by sending you to the salvation center. guess, i'm not that bad right. =)

so, i bought my bed. and it's coming a week time! arrgh, it means i gotta start packing up my room right? shit. i'm lazy. but for the sake of my lovely bed, YES! I WILL GET MY ASS UP NOW AND START PACKING UP!


there's something important to tell you guys. I'M ADDICTED TO VIWAWA. i'm in deep shit. real deep shit. addiction like an addict.

BIG 2.5

i'm dead. finals is aftering me now and i have take the wrong step by letting my foot in this pool of shit.

BUT~~~ the shit is really nice~!!! what can i do? argggh.

so i dragged kent down together and we played happily as a couple in it. HAHA. that's the funniest part.
we sorta, PAKAT (make a deal) to help each other out. he says he is gonna earn more cash and golds to buy "US" a couple suite too. that's so kind of him. (hey, i can save my cash and golds now right? hehe.)

oh ya, did i ever mentioned that PE block is changing into a casino? i mean, fake casino. there's no credits or cash transaction involve. everywhere you go, you can see a bunch of people playing cards, screaming like some crazy fellows, cracking their heads real hard just to get rid of their cards in the best way. it's just fun.


now, that is a good question. i can't really remember but i THINK it's from adeline's gang from TA1. we joined them not long after that and brought up the whole gambling thing in.

since almost everyone is addicted to it, and starts to neglect their studies, i guess my results won't turn out to be that bad right? HAHA. what an evil thought. evil me. *grins*


do you know how much it hurts me to see you going back into the deep old drain? seeing you getting involve back with everything really aches my heart.

i can't bring you back because i've loose my rights. i can't bring you back because you are just stubborn enough to continue determine your previous thoughts.

where did all those determination go?

remember what have you told me before?

you wanna change into a better one. you realised all the previous footsteps you took and you regretted.

where did it all go to?

i have no one to be blame at because I'M the one that lead you back to the same old road. i deserved all those pains, ain't i?

how much i hope that i can be the one that take over all this actions. i'm not saying it for fun but with all my heart.

i'm just getting real mad with myself.

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Saturday, 23 August 2008

to wait for you is all i can do

giving you my time is what i want to do.

remember this?

how happy we were?

i love you.

Friday, 22 August 2008

against all odds

How can I just let you walk away
Just let you leave without a trace
when I stand here taking
every breath with you
you're the only one
who really knew me at all
how can you just walk away from me
when all I can do is watch you leave
'cause we've shared the laughter and
the pain
and even shared the tears
you're the only one
who really knew me at all

So take a look at me now
oh there's just an empty space
and there's nothing left here to
remind me
just the memory of your face
Take a look at me now
cause theres just an empty space
and you coming back to me is against
all odds
and that's what I've got to face

I wish I could just make you turn
turn around and see me cry
there's so much I need to say to you
so many reasons why
you're the only one
who really knew me at all

So take a look at me now
'cause there's just an empty space
and there's nothing here to
remind me
just the memory of your face
take a look at me now
'cause there's just an empty space
but to wait for you is
all I can do

And that's what I've got to face
take a good look at me now
'cause I'll still be standing here
and you come back to me against
all odds
that's the chance I've got to take
take a look at me now

p/s : a song that really suites me i think. anyway, i'm getting stronger people! no worries. i'm still that old chian wei. =.)

currently listening : Westlife ft. Mariah Carey - Against All Odds

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

goodbye my love

fact shows i really do not deserve a second chance.

because if i do? how come i couldn't get it???

no matter how much i try, it's useless.

it wont be mine if it's not mine.

i will confront everything myself after this.

after all, i've been supporting myself all the time, right?

no matter how hard i fall this time,

whether or not it's harder than the past,

i will take this a lesson.

cried, i did.

pain, i felt.

sad, i do.

hurt, i am.

stop, i shall.

this lesson thought me well.

and life has to be carry on.

thanks for everything.

may God bless you in your future journey.

p/s : wei chuen, thanks for comforting me for the whole time. i'm glad you are here to listen everything that i said.

p/p/s : kent, thanks for cheering me up. haha. KACAK BOY.

p/p/p/s : ke hui, thanks for coming over just to comfort me and support me yesterday. i owe you a hug.

p/p/p/p/s : ivan, thanks for your HALF hug yesterday. =.)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

where's my second chance?

demanding for second chance.

i'm just too generous and kind to offer it,

but in the end, where's mine?


tell me why?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday, 18 August 2008

ugly night

some times i wish have a controller as in the show 'click'.

i can rule my world.

i'm able to control everything with my own bare hands.

by simply clicking any button, a command is sent.

feedback is returned positively and i will be smiling wide.

please give me strength to carry on.

anyone out there,

who can hear my voice,

my heart,

who can see my sadness,

my cut.

crap, cut it short. i'm in a bad mood. it's an ugly day.

sadist here.

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Saturday, 16 August 2008


still going no where.
i'm standing with my own feet, on my spot.
trying to be tough and strong than ever to deal with things that flows into me like a monsoon river.

tonnes of works and problems encountered me.
sometimes, i hope i can just throw away everything and live freely like a bird.
oh no, bird does not live freely too.
they have things to concern as well.
will i ever shoot down by a hunter?
will i be another victim of the predator?
they asked.

building a fence around the heart is the best protection.
only the certain someone is able to break through it.
and now, here he is.
there's only entrance but not exit.
but don't worry,
that's the room he will be stay in forever.
it's big, nice, and comfortable.
LOVE filled up the space too.

there might be thorns at corners which is pretty sharp,
because there's no one been there before.
i'm sorry that he bleeds.
it hurts, i know.
the thorns shall be distinguished soon.
no, from now on.

actions worth a thousand words. :)

I L U.

love sherv.

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Saturday, 9 August 2008

09-08-08, where's 08-08-08?

"where's my indo mee?"
(down pour)
"by the time it's back, you will get a maggi soup."

lets sweat together.

i missed/miss this day.

*i didn't manage to blog in time. (missed)
*mr JJN and i went for our first movie together. (miss)

meet dave ming chang.
he is hilarious.
he laughs like me.
he is a joker.

a nice comedy which makes me laugh my ass of almost everytime he did something stupid.
worth watchin.
i shall rate it 4.5/5

mr JJN, i hereby would like to say thanks for sending me to and fro from college each day.
i love you boy.

i'm glad we are now official.
getting approval from parents is really a nice experience.

mum, although i know you aren't really happy to except the idea of your daughter having a boyfriend but i will prove to you that it will never affect anything besides having one more person appearing in our life and he is going to take care of me well.

thanks mum. love.

mr JJN is right now praying hard that the spoilt woofer is qualified to get the changing approval from his dad.
therefore, i would like to pray with him together. =)

[Dear any-of-my-God,

please let justin's wish come true. You may just put any blame on me as long as the wish come true. thanks God.

Your soon-to-be-follower]

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Thursday, 7 August 2008









i'm happy.
too happy.
very happy.
hyper happy.
to have you.

Monday, 4 August 2008


saturday : 2-8-08

woke up pretty early around 9. as usual, nothing much to do and so, i ended up online the whole morning. around afternoon, i suggest mr. JJN to go over to pyramid for movie since the day before yesterday we couldn't make it.

surprisingly, last minute plan worked out actually tho we still have no chance to catch a movie because most of the time is fully booked. we went over to mcd to whack some nuggets and ice creams. mmmmhhmmmm~~ yum yum~~

after that, we have some small photo session. geez.

a few photo of us. =)


after that, we went over to station 1 to have some drinks (to let time pass actually).

by 6, mr.JJN was supposed to fetch tzia, ivan and i to some farewell party in USJ 5. since we don't have the feeling of going early, direction was changed to leo's. we had our so-called-dinner there before we move on to the party.

after all, the party was pretty boring since we don't really know the juniors and the juniors ACTUALLY ditched us aside with a dustbin. leaving us bored to death, we have a small reunion for our own batch, same class actually and all the funs came back. tho, it didnt last long because, the food prepared wasn't enough and hence, clement and lester went to usj 2 to get more foods.

of course, WE : ivan, jun kang, ke hui, clement, lester, tzia and i take the one and only time chance to get out of the house and off we went squeezing ourself like a pancake in the new bought saga.

mr. JJN then came over to usj 2 and 'HOP', i'm in his car. while waiting for the food to be packen.

the others were kind of not happy with us so in the end, they ended up camwhoring as couples in front of ehsan. to me, they seems like some kind of tourist more. hahaha.

anyway, they went back to the party for another 30 mins after that while mr JJN and i just go around subang. =)

nearly 10, JH came over to fetch tzia and the rest to station 1 for yum cha session. by the time they reach, we were there.

get bored with normal stacko and started changing it into domino.

domino love by mr JJN =)

the night went on till around 12.

it was a very happy day to me and to him and to all of us (i assumed). LOL.

Sunday : 3.8.08

started with a very unhappy day. was quarreling with mum all the way from subang to kl. PC Fair. no reasons for me to not go right since i wanted a laptop so much. anyway, mummy doesn't allow me to buy.

i was pretty emo for the whole day TILL.............................. something seriously drop-my-jaw inccident happened.






I WAS SO FREAKING LUCKY TO .................................................... win an iPod TOUCH.

ahhhh, yes.

congrats to me. i know you will. thank you thank you.

reason? because i'm lucky. that's all.

why i'm lucky? because God give me the luck.

nothing more i can say right? =.)

anyway, it's from a lucky draw. so, yep. teehee.

my dear lappie. baby justin. =)

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally~~~*fergie*

monday : 4-8-08

masking in mr JJN's house. lol.

i don't know you.

oh yess. now i realised, i know you. =)

Friday, 1 August 2008


DEHCATTA M'I reverse reading

went over to mr. JJN house after class today. sweetly, he cooked omelet for me. geez.

how nice of him to offer me that. =p

final food product below.

ain't it looks like pizza?

thanks dear, for the food. =)

while i was wondering around the house, i saw this cute lil thing. people, i know it's common but ain't it just looks........ ( y o u n a m e i t )

introduce you to mr. JJN's rabbit, AHPEK.

cuuuuuuuuutee riiiiighttt??????????

OMG. he's cuter than the owner la. anyway, it will soon be mineeee. i'm gonna steal it for sure. mr JJN, you better watch out! wakakaka.