Wednesday, 24 June 2009

once in a blue moon?

great. wondering where was i?

still stuck in kampar of course.

what a stupid question.

people claims that i didn't update for quite a long time and that's what i'm thinking too so i'm gonna drop by awhile for this limited time.

and SO! what had i done lately? or maybe just now? nothing much actually. daily routine such as eat, sleep, go to school and loiter or waste most of the time in the class playing handphone games, shit. the not so daily yet almost daily routine which are sweeping, moping, washing clothes, clear the room and etc etc.

things happened up and down last week. after 3 weeks staying away from home, i've finally got the chance to go back last friday. i was supposed to be darn happy all the time BUT eventually, i went back, sickly. very bad. not the first time taking long journey train yet i'd vomited again in the train. NO No no, not because i'm weak. i'm just SICK.

BESIDES, i've got even worse later on as the train was moving in the opposite direction from where i'm sitting. not my day. or maybe i should say, not my month since the first week i have a bad diarrhea and next, falling sick. the whole journey really kills me a lot and of course, not to forget my dear baby since he has been taking care of me all the time. *kisses*

that night, daddy sent me to the clinic. doctor checked my throat and says, bad infection. next word come out from his mouth was nothing good. he says, 'you are having the flu that will spread easily.' :(

before i left the room, dad even jokingly ask the doctor if i've been transmitted with H1N1. :S
(good one, dad. you are getting more and more humorous lately.)

next few days, i just went on with the sickness, gases that causes me to puke for countless time.
i even went back to johor to visit my grandma's new house in that condition. they have shifted in last week! but i couldn't help out because i'm already in kampar.

back to school as usual on monday, but still feeling a lil unwell. skipped a few classes to rest at home and i guess that's all for this few weeks. assignment accumulating each day and the pressure of midterm is getting higher in me.

thanks utar for setting my mircroeconomics mid term next sunday. *Big smile* (so fake la you sherv.)

rolling off to clear my tutorial paper for tomorrow classes. :( buh bye. sobs.

some silly picture we took last week by the lake side.
(mun and sherv)

p/s : i'm going back to subang again this weekend! yeepee!!

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Monday, 8 June 2009

first week in a new surrounding

phweeeit! i'm back.

guess you have know that i'm in kampar right now. i know it's a bit late to update WITHOUT any pictures. (too bad la~~ i don't have camera anymore since i have to return it to mummy. sobs.)

one week past since i've been here. still trying to get use to the weather and foods. erm, i think i should just update in point form since there're no photos and i'm trying to make this post as short as possible because i want to take a nap.

1. i had shifted in on 30th May 2008. it's a saturday.

2. daddy MIGHT buy an air cooler for me since the weather here is ridiculously hot.

3. we have meals that cost us less than RM2.50 if we choose to cook at home. meals which include 3 dishes, 1 dessert and 1 soup.

4. the campus can be concluded as one word. BIG.

5. okay, maybe another word. BEAUTIFUL. (since it's structure is modernly designed.)

6. we can have bird watchin session or even fishing in the campus.

7. minimum bathing amount is 3 per day.

8. the time table is okay for me since saturday have no classes. except the part where we have 3 days of classes till 8pm. :(

9. the break is longer than what you can expect which means i can always go back to the hostel after (almost) each classes. it's a YEAH for me. :)

10. since most of my friends are just staying around me. (as in just next door or few doors away, i can visit their house anytime i want.)

11. i doesn't have to be afraid of any threatenings from my bro anymore about the internet line. HOORAY! i shouted. i can enjoy PPS Stream at anytime now. :D:D:D:D

12. went for jogging in the evening with housemates/friends. on the way, my sport shoe finally spoilt. good. which means i can buy NIKE SWEET COUNTRY already. :D

13. yesterday, i went to chui chak (somewhere near teluk intan) to work as part of the astro event crew with jac, mun mun and wayne. have some gaming session with the children and they are so adorable! and obedient too, exept those 'big babies'.

14. will be working again this sunday for the same event but this time in bercham, ipoh. (the pay is good! RM100 for 6 hours.) i saw my new shoes coming soon. :)

15. on last friday, i have diarheaa. which continuously going on in me till yesterday after i've visited the doctor. he says, i have mild food poisoning. sobs. (i took a number of pills to withstand my pain during working hours you know?! sigh.)

16. i took a day off from university today and enjoy staying in the room! geez.

17. i miss my family so much! :(:(:( home sick la.

okay, it's 3 pm already. time for me to nap. sooooo, tataz! will update soon. :D

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