Wednesday, 12 August 2009

sorry, no title

i'm starting to hate myself because i'm already out of idea to explain why am i missing in action in blogging. tell me you hate me too because, i am.many things had been going on for the whole semester. there're happiness and of course tears. conflicts going on in the house, but it's much better now. i'm glad. anyway, this is a short update on what's happening.

i've finally done with all assignments, presentation, midterms a
nd so on. it's kinda free for me actually so i'm going to use this remaining 4 weeks which can let me free from anything except go for classes wisely.

the girls in the house are officially addicted to online shopping. thanks to Jac for introducing us online shopping. alright, maybe i/we sounds abit jakun because we had never dare to try online shopping since we have no idea how well the product is. somehow, some courage came over us and we bought something.

for the first attempt, mun mun and i bought ourself bags.

RM 49.
from MyTopShop

second attempt,

RM 32
from e fu 4 u

RM 38
from e fu 4 u

yet, it's rather expensive compared to ezytred trading house which later on, we went crazy in that website too. it has a condition where we have to buy more than 10 pieces of clothes before they can accept our order. it was not our problem since there are so many girls in the house. heh.

RM 26
from ezytred trading house

RM 21.50

cheap huh? yes, it is. worry about the size? it's alright since most of the clothes came in bigger size, so may be there is a need for you to make some changes to it but i don't think that's a big problem. :)

next, on the final day of midterm test, we had a small celebration. the hosuemates and friends bought some beer for drinks. :) i didn't drink much thought because i still don't like the taste of beer. don't ask me why. still prefer wine over beer. :S

since the day of midterms, i have not sleep early anymore. it got worse day by day until now, i couldn't sleep at the right time. eventually, it just turn my time upside down, making me sleeping in the morning of 7am and wake up around 6 in the evening. it's really bad. sigh. this few nights, i spent my time to watch any show i can in PPS since i can't make myself sleep. damn.

anyway, peeps, i'm going back to subang this week! i'm so so so so so so happy!