Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! :)

to celebrate the brand new year of 2011, a change of new look is normal. there wasn't very much differences on me, it's just a changed on the colour of my hair. though it is still not the striking colour i'm craving for, but i guess i'm just not ready to go for such a sudden change. therefore, i'm taking step by step. haha.

this year's christmas celebration is still the same, we still couldn't have the chance to celebrate together. i was feeling a little sad but i know it wasn't his fault so i won't put the blame on him. a new year celebration companion still can make everything back right? :D

Merry Belated Christmas to everyone! ho ho ho!

a special message to you Zhen wei, i wanna thank you for accompanying me through out the christmas eve. i really appreciate it so please please don't think that you are the leftovers. you just need to build up your confidence in yourself and don't give up on whatever you are striking for alright? good luck in your journey for the future! may the coming year become one of the best years in your life. :D

i actually do not know whether you will be able to see this, but i just thought of expressing my appreciation and wishes to you! :)

have a nice day people! oh, and HAPPY BOXING DAY. :D

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Monday, 20 December 2010

it's my day

i'm so going to get the damn Data Plan for my BB! :(

it's really useless without it. but to think of it, i'm still considering whether i should get the prepaid version or the postpaid version. any idea?

also, i'm still waiting for baby to get the white BB so that he can exchange with me and we can BBM all the time without paying a single penny cents! heh!

oh, and the singapore trip is about to confirm! again, i couldn't wait to celebrate the coming year of 2011 with baby in Singapore! we will definitely have lots of fun! :D

the night was well spent by reuniting with olden day's friends. i had a nice chat with you! :)

p/s : i'm getting hook up on sentimental music lately.
p/p/s : i thought that should i go and interview for the air stewardess position after i graduated from my current course, but baby says he doesn't want me to be one because i will then not going to be around him often if i become an air stewardess. :s (i'm happy actually. hah!)

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Saturday, 18 December 2010

you are very much appreciated

nothing much happen for the whole day. another unproductive day. anyhow, the day ended kind of happily because everything is cleared. :)

at least for now, my mind is free from disturbance.

thanks for giving me back my confidence and assurance. those are what i wanted desperately all these days. as for the return, i will keep my words because that is the only thing i can do.

to those of you that have been concerning about me, i have nothing to say except to express my gratitude towards you people. i'm happy that i'm living in the world with full of love. it means a lot to me.

goodnight people. :)

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Thursday, 16 December 2010

it's none of my business neither yours

today is such an unproductive day. i'm feeling rather helpless over here. i know something is changing and affecting my mind already and i can feel it that way. some day, i may not be able to lie to myself anymore but for now, at this current moment, i'm still thinking naive that i will be able to go through everything. i'm holding a strong faith with myself. i believe, determination is the main key to deal with it. but hey, where should i get the motivation from to be determine? i'm still searching for the answer.

to that someone, yes, you are right that we humans are just too stubborn to follow our mind. we do know each and every points of our life yet we just couldn't go well with it. subconsciously, we know which way to choose, which one is right, which part of our body we should follow. even though so, we will ended up in the opposite way, picking the opposition and fight with the right. all of these, is because we are following our heart, our instinct. risking each and everything we have just to hope for something we wished to happen.

after all, i have learn that, we can never be someone we want neither hoping for the someone to be like us. we are just we. we couldn't deny the fact that he or she is just going to be the person he or she is for the rest of their life. if things couldn't get along, we just have to let go if it is needed.

of course, there's still people in the earth like me who will choose to hold on to what we chose. the consequences will be beared, definitely. we will bear. why not, right? since we only have the one and only chance to live, risk everything you could! you come to the world with nothing, so you will definitely leave this world with nothing. live life to the fullest. this concludes all.

be optimistic in everything that had happened, is happening or are going to happen. :)

have a good day people!

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

a brand new breath

it's time to be back on board i guess.

recently, i've been having the idea whether i should start blogging again or just leave it the way it is. as you see, the decision is made.

what's the purpose? anything for good. treat it like an imaginary friend, pouring out secrets, filling up my boring past time, making a record about my life time journey, practicing my language.

few months of MIA makes me grown up a lot. mentally.

i've learnt that,

"what comes around, goes around."


"no one can ever be perfect."

"we can change nobody."

currently, i have so many things inside my mind but i'm not suppose to spill it all out.

is this supposed to be a new chapter of my life?

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