Wednesday, 15 December 2010

a brand new breath

it's time to be back on board i guess.

recently, i've been having the idea whether i should start blogging again or just leave it the way it is. as you see, the decision is made.

what's the purpose? anything for good. treat it like an imaginary friend, pouring out secrets, filling up my boring past time, making a record about my life time journey, practicing my language.

few months of MIA makes me grown up a lot. mentally.

i've learnt that,

"what comes around, goes around."


"no one can ever be perfect."

"we can change nobody."

currently, i have so many things inside my mind but i'm not suppose to spill it all out.

is this supposed to be a new chapter of my life?

currently listening : Shontelle - Perfect Nightmare


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