Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Boxing Day! :)

to celebrate the brand new year of 2011, a change of new look is normal. there wasn't very much differences on me, it's just a changed on the colour of my hair. though it is still not the striking colour i'm craving for, but i guess i'm just not ready to go for such a sudden change. therefore, i'm taking step by step. haha.

this year's christmas celebration is still the same, we still couldn't have the chance to celebrate together. i was feeling a little sad but i know it wasn't his fault so i won't put the blame on him. a new year celebration companion still can make everything back right? :D

Merry Belated Christmas to everyone! ho ho ho!

a special message to you Zhen wei, i wanna thank you for accompanying me through out the christmas eve. i really appreciate it so please please don't think that you are the leftovers. you just need to build up your confidence in yourself and don't give up on whatever you are striking for alright? good luck in your journey for the future! may the coming year become one of the best years in your life. :D

i actually do not know whether you will be able to see this, but i just thought of expressing my appreciation and wishes to you! :)

have a nice day people! oh, and HAPPY BOXING DAY. :D

currently listening : 2am - Love U, Hate U


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